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Are you a Not Doc?

Not Doc Youtube Cover-2A Not Doc is someone that does not need to have a degree  to create miracles with their body and life. It was originally set up to create a change with disease and later on it was expanded upon so people could add these to create miracles with their bodies and their lives. Both Max and Liam spent years suffering with disease and when they started to apply these tools of change and transformation to the disease, they found that not only did they have more ease with their bodies they also had more fun in their lives, more money, more magic and more possibilities.

Not Doctors create miracles

If you have any of the following you are a Not Doc in the making...

  • A disease and nobody knows the cause
  • A hunger for something greater
  • Can create miracles and not known how they did it
  • A constant, nagging judgement of self
We invite you to a different possibility with your life. One where you get to be the greatness of and learn to love the body that you have created. What would our bodies be like if we were grateful for them rather than judging them all the time. A not doctor is not judgemental!

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the not doctors create miracles

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