The Not Doctors

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The Not Doctors was an original idea created by two friends that had both changed Deadly, chronic Diseases and yet neither of them had a medical degree. Instead they had employed tools from something called Access Consciousness® to generate that change. In those early days of the Not Doctors, Bret Rushia and Liam Phillips, set up a Blog Talk Radio program of the same name where they talked about their experiences and the similarities of how they both created disease and changed disease. It was light and fun, an energy that is often forgotten when a person is sick. Each contributed to the other creating an invitation to other people who knew that medical and alternative paths were not the only ways available.

Bret moved on to create in other areas, and Liam invited Max Zoulek to play as the next Not Doctor. Max had also had serious health conditions and in his attempt to change them he became a naturopath. Although this assisted, it did not give him the change he desired.

Max met Liam at an introductory class called play with your food that Liam used to facilitate. As a naturopath Max had some pretty set ideas about what was the right and wrong foods and during this class Liam challenged him to look at diet and health from a different point of view. Not one based on judgment, but one that had it roots in consciousness.

Both Max and Liam can relate to those that are seeking something different and know what it is like to be in the shoes of desperation and at the same time resisting the very thing that would contribute to changing disease.

The Not Doctors is different in that we are not out to convince you of our point of view, this is instead an invitation to you to step into an awareness of what is true for YOU! We will give you the tools that we use to create a greater connection with your body and even change your life!

The Not Doctors is all about bodies and we invite you to play with the five foundational energies for creating bodies and health.

Are you ready? Let’s put on our Not Doctors lab coats and we will now write you a “Not prescription” to creating your body. Lets go!

Liam and Max

Headshot-Max z

Max Zoulek

LIAM_taking hat

Liam Phillips